Rim Size: 13 - 17
Series: 45 - 80
Speed Rating: T - H


Winter passenger car tyre designed for durability and performance in the snow

Z grooves

  • “Z” shaped grooves improve snow bite and ice grip.

Small, angled tread blocks

  • Small, angled tread blocks inside provides anti-slip performance and improved traction.

3D shoulder

  • 3D shoulder design enlarges the contact area for improved handling.
Rim Size: 13 - 20
Series: 35 - 70
Speed Rating: S - T - H - V


Winter tyre designed for high performance passenger car and SUV vehicles

Zigzag grooves

  • Zigzag vertical grooves design reduces the snow in the grooves and improves meshing between the tyre and snow to ensure safety.

Steel hook design

  • The design offers great horizontal rigidity and handling performance.

Shoulder design

  • Provides excellent handling and braking performance, increasing traction in icy conditions.
Rim Size: 14 - 16
Series: 60 - 75
Speed Rating: R - T - H


Winter van tyre for durability and performance in winter conditions

Innovative tread design

  • Helps with effective removal of snow providing better grip and eliminates hydroplaning.

Combination design of shoulder blocks and sipes

  • Keeps the tyre rigid ensuring excellent handling and braking on snow and ice.

Special compound design for winter pattern

  • Improves the traction and grip of winter tyres on snow and ice.

Optimized tread design and structure

  • Provides smooth operation and even pressure distribution whilst driving.
Rim Size: 13 - 20
Series: 35 - 80
Speed Rating: T - H - V


New winter tyre offering a wide range of sizes for passenger car fitments

New directional tread pattern design

  • Design not only maximises the traction, but also enhances drainage and efficient removal of snow.

Multiple varied grooves

  • Contribute to excellent grip and handling on different ice and snow roads.

Wave-shaped high-density grooves

  • Helps to keep the tyre rigid thereby providing more traction and enhancing handling in snowy conditions.

Tread pattern noise reduction design

  • The tread pattern design brings a quiet and comfortable driving experience in snowy and icy conditions.
Rim Size: 18 - 22
Series: 35 - 55
Speed Rating: S - H - V


New winter tyre offering a wide range of sizes for high performance vehicles

Optimal design of directional tread pattern

  • Wide block design on shoulder maximizes traction and handling whilst improving the grip.

Vertical and horizontal groove staggered design

  • The staggered design reduces noise and shortens braking distance by 50% on icy and snowy roads.

Combination design of S-shaped and I-shaped grooves

  • The combined design improves the contact area and ensures grip on snowy and icy surfaces.

New silicone formula design

  • The new silicone formula keeps the rubber soft at cold temperatures increasing the contact area for improved handling.

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