Rim Size: 12 - 15
Series: 60 - 80
Speed Rating: S - T - H


A high performance tyre suitable for small to medium passenger car applications

Shark fin design

  • Shark fin tread pattern helps to improve tyre rigidity for optimal performance and grip.

Low-noise grooves

  • 6 horizontal equal sipes within the grooves effectively help to eliminate noise and improve the rigidity of the tread blocks.

Enhanced tread

  • Enhanced tread design helps reduce noise and improves safety and handling performance.

Anti-slip grooves

  • Four wide longitudinal grooves provide exceptional wet weather drainage.
Rim Size: 14 - 17
Series: 50 - 70
Speed Rating: T - H - V - W


A high performance car tyre for medium to large saloon vehicles

Streamlined grooves

  • Streamlined horizontal grooves improve high speed performance, contributing to low noise and a comfortable ride.

Shoulder design

  • Large shoulder blocks help to improve handling, whilst the open horizontal grooves provide excellent drainage on wet surfaces.

Anti-slip grooves

  • Four wide vertical drainage grooves provide great excellent grip and traction.
Rim Size: 12 - 17
Series: 50 - 80
Speed Rating: T - H - V


A high performance tyre for small passenger car applications

Silicon tread compound

  • New Silicon tread compound improves grip on wet road conditions and reduces rolling resistance, providing a safe ride and reduced fuel consumption.

Tread pattern

  • Tread pattern design absorbs road vibration and provides a more comfortable ride. Large tread blocks on the outside edge ensure rigidity, handling and sporty performance.

Optimized tread design

  • Computer-simulated design has optimized the tread pitch, reducing driving noise, providing a quiet and comfortable ride
Rim Size: 13 - 16
Series: 50 - 70
Speed Rating: T - H - V - W


A new high performance pattern for medium sized vehicles

Asymmetric design, balanced and optimized pattern groove design

  • Design improves handling performance whilst effectively reducing noise and improving driving comfort.

Wide longitudinal groove

  • Wide longitudinal grooves drain water quickly and effectively preventing tyre slippage on wet roads, improving wet handling.

Lateral grooves on the inner shoulder

  • Lateral grooves reduce the rigidity of the tyre shoulders, effectively suppressing uneven wear, reducing tyre noise, and providing a comfortable ride.

Hook groove design on outer shoulder

  • Helps reduce heat generation at the shoulder, reducing driving noise.
Rim Size: 15 - 24
Series: 30 - 60
Speed Rating: V - W - Y


Ultra high performance tyre for ultra high performance and sporty vehicles

Asymmetric tread pattern

  • Asymmetric tread pattern design with lateral grooves help to provide excellent drainage.

Wide and large shoulder blocks

  • Wide and large shoulder blocks ensure excellent handling and cornering, helping to improve driving performance.

Linked tread pattern design

  • The linked tread pattern design helps to reduce noise and enhance grip on wet surfaces.

Vertical rib

  • The strong central rib helps to improve high speed driving stability.
Rim Size: 19 - 24
Series: 25 - 60
Speed Rating: H - V - W


Ultra high performance tyre for ultra high performance and sporty vehicles

“V-shaped” pattern design

  • 30 multi-angle “V-shaped” pattern design ensures high-speed handling and stability in straight lines and bends.

“Y -shaped” directional pattern design

  • “Y-shaped” directional pattern design provides excellent drainage.

Shoulder design

  • Open shoulder design self-cleans the tread.

Tread pattern design

  • Central longitudinal ribs increase the contact area with the road surface and enhance braking performance in all road conditions.
Rim Size: 16 - 21
Series: 30 - 55
Speed Rating: V - W


Ultra high performance tyres for medium and large sporty and high performance vehicles

Asymmetric tread pattern

  • Asymmetric tread pattern design improves steering performance in wet conditions and ensures high-speed stability.

Silicon tread compound

  • New Silicon tread compound enhances grip in wet road conditions and reduces rolling resistance.

Low-noise design

  • Creative tread grooves design effectively reduce noise at high-speeds.

Anti-skip design

  • A mass of steel sheets and grooves design provide superior grip and driving performance on wet surfaces.

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