Rim Size: 14 - 16
Series: 65 - 75
Speed Rating: R


A reliable van tyre, covering popular fitments, made for durability

Multangular design

  • Multangular tread block design greatly improves grip, increases off-road performance, and enhances the vehicle’s performance in any conditions.

Triple vertical grooves

  • Three wide grooves help to dispel water quickly and improve drainage, thereby improving safety and performance.

Equal lateral sipes

  • 3D shoulder design improves handling performance and ensures a safe drive.

Stone ejection design

  • Central grooves ensure stones are quickly dispelled from the tread enhancing mileage capabilities and puncture resistance.
Rim Size: 14 - 17
Series: 60 - 75
Speed Rating: R - T


A durable and reliable tyre for a wide range of commercial van applications

Multiple sipes

  • 700 sipes divide the “Z” type tread blocks into small pieces greatly reducing tyre noise and improving driving comfort.

Y shaped pattern design

  • Double “Y” tread pattern design improves grip and performance without reducing rigidity of the tread blocks, shortening braking distance and improving driving safety.

Zigzag grooves

  • Classic zigzag grooves improve comfort and provide excellent driving stability.

White sidewall design

  • The 20 mm width white sidewall adds another design dimension to the tyre, which is suitable for car modifications.
Rim Size: 12 - 14
Series: 50 - 75
Speed Rating: Q - R - S


Reliable and durable van tyre for smaller van applications

Zigzag grooves

  • Zigzag tread pattern enhances traction and improves drainage. Large sloped tread grooves design encourage efficient stone removal from the tread.

D steel sheets

  • 3D interlaced steel sheets increase grip, braking force and driving safety.

Closed shoulder

  • Closed shoulder design prevents grind caused by heavy loads and maintains rigidity at speed.

Irregular pattern

  • Irregular pattern and multi-pitch design ensures a quiet and comfortable ride.

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